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5:18 pm

Too far? Or just far enough?

Cass shared this video with me the other day, and gauged my reaction first before telling me how she felt about it. I’ll do the same with you:

Ok. Now that you’ve seen it, I’ll tell you my reaction: “That is so silly and so AWESOME!”

And Cass’s reaction, complete with a grimace: “I couldn’t even look at it, it grossed me out so much. It just makes you go, ‘Eww!’”

While we are of different generations, Cass and I agree on many things – books, food, drinks, sports, what’s fun, and who’s fun, among other things. So you’d think that we’d agree on the effectiveness of a silly commercial like this one. Yeah, the one guy licking the other guy’s finger shocked me, but that shock was hilarious and I found myself wondering what they would do next. (I may have also been a bit jealous—that IS the best part about eating Doritos!)

The whole thing made me wonder about demographics. Who was Doritos catering to in that ad? Most of the junk food eaters I know are kids, and I know I like gross-out humor way more than my parents. So does that mean it’s impossible to appeal to everyone? Are there any universally appreciated and enjoyed commercials out there? Is effectiveness necessarily contingent on appeal, or is the Doritos ad effective simply because Cass shared it? It may not have been universally appealing to all demographics in our own office, but we are all definitely aware of it now.