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October 25th, 2011


Any solar company that tests its panels using something called a “torture chamber” must be pretty serious.This is exactly what SunPower does so their panels can endure 25 years of Mother Nature. So when they asked us to document their testing in their Richmond lab, we jumped at the opportunity to demonstrate why SunPower is the most reliable solar out there.

Their torture chambers pushed the panels down to the freezing temperatures of Antarctica, up to the heat of Death Valley and over to the humidity of the Florida Everglades, applying high intensity UV rays and hundreds of pounds of pressure over and over again. And the testing didn’t stop there.

The video series we did for Sunpower has been used in every imaginable context, from events and presentations, to SunPower’s corporate website and Facebook page, to the lobby monitors at their HQ.

Watch these videos.

September 28th, 2016


The world needs words. Lots of words. Website words. Social words. Banner words. Even the dreaded e-book words. And that’s only the beginning. Problem is, companies need so many words, so fast, that all the words start to sound the same: “Disruptive.” “Innovative.” “Breakthrough.” Ugh. When everyone sounds the same, no one stands out.

That’s where you come in. You’re a content machine. You fear no brief. You take a tweet as seriously as a TV spot. And you can crank out anything and everything, mistake-free, fast. But here’s what really sets you apart: Not only do you have the ability to pump out a #*$!ton of work… you actually care about what it says. You’ve walked the wasteland of pointless jargon. You know how tired the same old clichés can get. You’ve seen enough of the catchphrase that’s only catchy for its own sake. So you take that crap, and you grind it into oblivion, and you refashion it into language that’s not only understandable, but inspiring. Into words that really mean something.

We’re WHM Creative – a small but mighty creative shop supporting some of Silicon Valley’s biggest brands on everything from digital campaigns and launch videos to identity development and app design. We don’t have a fancy term for what we do — maybe you can help us with that.

At WHM, you’ll find all the people you want in your marketing sandbox: a team of creative strategists, visionaries, designers, copywriters, and account managers. A team that believes in hard work, creative genius, and happy clients. (Also Oxford commas.)

We’re nice people, and we only like working with other nice people. (Life’s too short, right?) So, if you have the experience and the appetite, send us your portfolio and work samples at jobs@whmcreative.com.  Submissions without a portfolio link or work samples will not be considered.



- Write smart, carefully crafted, conversational copy for projects both small and large. Everything from compelling long-form content for semi-technical e-books to short and punchy social posts that can capture attention in a sea of competing headlines. Not to mention websites, banners, direct mail, case studies, and a heck of a lot of emails.     

- Work collaboratively with copywriters, designers, project managers, and strategists.

- Capture brand voice and adhere to brand guidelines.

- Contribute to all aspects of campaigns, from concept development through execution.

- Participate in internal and external creative briefings, pitches, brainstorm sessions, and status meetings.

- Keep up to speed on digital and marketing trends and apply those tactics to projects.

- Deliver work on-time and on-budget.



1. A minimum of 3 years as an agency and/or in-house copywriter.

2. A smart, sophisticated, and diverse portfolio of copy samples.

3. Experience writing for both consumer and B2B audiences.

4. Ability to distill technical content into simple and easy-to-understand messaging.

5. Experience working collaboratively to turn high-level concepts into strategic copy.

6. Experience managing multiple projects at once, resolving competing priorities, working swiftly under pressure, and meeting project deadlines.

7. A die-hard work ethic and killer sense of humor.

8. Proficiency in Mac OS and Microsoft Office.

9. Error-free writing and proofreading skills.

10. Bachelor’s degree or higher in English, journalism, advertising, or related field.


Position: Full-time, salaried.

Compensation: Based on experience and ability. Benefits include health, dental, vacation, 401k matching, and flexible work schedule.

Location: San Francisco

September 28th, 2016


We’re looking for a talented and energetic social media professional to join our team and support some of our B2B and B2C accounts.

The ideal candidate will lead management of our clients’ social communications, with responsibility for keeping existing audiences engaged while expanding reach and influence through various targeting and outreach tactics, as well as paid media activities.