At WHM, we make it our business to become experts on your business: Your product. Your brand. Your audience. Your goals. We nerd out until we’re basically another arm of your team. And then, we use that expertise to develop creative solutions that solve problems. Build brands. Create feeling, understanding, connection.


Qlik Whole Story Video

Bringing some tricky Business Intelligence technology to life with a fun and unexpected twist.

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Orig3n Branding and Packaging

Helping a life science startup get their feet on the ground, while building the world’s largest human cell bank.

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OpenDNS R00T ACCESS Website

Creating a bold brand and powerful publishing backend for a podcast about online security’s seamy underbelly.

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CloudBees Rebrand and Website

Helping a tech leader start telling their story in a new way to better connect with audiences.

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Origami Logic Rebrand, Website, and Collateral

Delivering a new look and a new voice to help a marketing analytics company stand out in a crowded space.

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Soasta Visual Identity and Website

Taking a high-level rebrand and making it real for a leader in digital performance management.

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It’s not all work.

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