Celebrating 10 Years, 20’s Style.

It’s been a decade since WHM first opened its doors – and, thinking back on it now, we honestly couldn’t have picked a less opportune time to get started. It was 2009, pretty much right in the middle of the financial crisis, and all we had were a couple of clients, a tiny office, and a handful of folks who believed there was a better way to do B2B marketing – that we could rid the world of blah.

Those first few years weren’t easy, but we survived – and eventually thrived – in the face of each new challenge. A lot has changed in that time – new clients, new staff, new capabilities, and 2 new offices – but through it all, we’ve held fast to the core beliefs we started with:


  • That B2B tech doesn’t have to be dry or dull or boring.
  • That every challenge can be solved with understanding and imagination.
  • That good people, hard work, creative genius, and happy clients are the keys to success in this industry.

Those first few years weren’t easy, but we survived – and eventually thrived…


In honor of this major milestone, WHM recently hosted a 1920s-themed anniversary gala at the historic Paramount Theatre in Oakland. In a night of glitz, glam, and Gatsby, we all got dolled up and gathered together to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished – and show our appreciation for all the clients, employees, vendors, friends, and family who helped make it possible (many of whom have been with us from the very beginning!)

Now, let’s get going on the next 10 years!

Oh – did we mention the champagne fountain? Or the burlesque dancers? Or the Charleston lessons? We highly suggest you check out the photos.