Helping Softbank
Clean Up at the ISSA

SoftBank Robotics approached WHM with a unique challenge for its participation in the ISSA Show, the top event in North America for cleaning industry professionals. They needed a 50-foot by 60-foot booth design – to be shared with ICE Robotics – that could achieve three things: To introduce SoftBank to an entirely new industry, to launch their brand new autonomous vacuum Whiz, and to create a demo space for their and ICE Robotics’ commercial floor cleaning equipment.

The answer? A canopy concept designed to literally stop people in their tracks. While the cleaning equipment performed a show on the floor, we took the duo’s key messages to the skies, creating a dramatic, angular canopy structure that positioned these two robotics companies as disruptors in the industry. Branded floor barricades, interactive touchscreen tables featuring ROI calculators, a billboard-sized video wall, lounge area, and second-story meeting room completed the show space.

Thank you for making our first showing at ISSA so successful.

–Bree Willard, SoftBank Robotics

The results were showstopping. Not only did the booth prove to be one of the most trafficked at ISSA, but all the extra interest also generated a significant amount of leads for the sales teams. Plus, Whiz ended up winning the coveted ISSA Innovation Award for equipment.

I have never seen a company become the talk of an industry like this on day one.

–John Barrett, ISSA CEO
WHM Staff