Bringing Real-life
Panache to a Virtual

Creating a space that connects with attendees.

Qlik, a leader in data integration and analytics, was gearing up to host their highly anticipated annual user conference, QlikWorld. But suddenly, like many tech companies, they had to pivot from staging a live, in-person event to an online experience. Rather than use the generic environments their event platform offered, Qlik asked us to help them up their game by creating a cohesive virtual space that still had the authentic feel of a conference – modern, sophisticated, and welcoming.

Wow. My mind is blown away by this virtual conference – it has the feel of a real-life event.


Collaborating closely with Qlik’s design team, we became virtual space designers, creating a unique environment that maximized the capabilities and potential of Qlik’s online event platform. The inviting, easy-to-navigate design made users feel more like they were attending a live conference, with a consistent look and feel across every room.

So, how’d it go? QlikWorld was an unqualified success, with nearly 30,000 attendees from around the globe. Visitors spent more than 4.4 million minutes at the conference – an average of 5 hours per attendee. That’s a lot of time spent in the virtual space, and we’re proud to have helped enrich that environment – and helped Qlik share content that connected with viewers. Take a brief look, below, at how it all came together.

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