Know. Right Now.


Busy small-business pros don’t have time for complex analytics with a steep learning curve. They don’t have the budget for major IT infrastructure. And they don’t have the patience for software that takes weeks to cough up answers. Qlik built a solution: cloud-based analytics with all the insights and none of the baggage. To promote it, we had to appeal to an entirely new SMB audience.

  • Concept Development
  • Global Campaign Production
  • Content Analysis, Recommendations, and Creation
  • Testing Strategy
  • Media Strategy and Buy
  • Insights, Analytics, Reporting, and Optimizations
Bye-Bye Blah

Don’t tell your audience you get them. Show them.


One of the great things about Qlik technology is that it answers questions as soon as they’re asked. And one of the great things about Qlik’s cloud platform is that it gives businesses access to Qlik technology almost immediately. We opted to emphasize the ease – and fun – of getting instant answers with relatable, memorable texting conversations between people using Qlik. Emojis included.

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CTR increase during run time
CTR for top-performing creative
page view increase


Test. Optimize. Repeat.

Both the SMB audience and the cloud offering were new for Qlik, so content – and benchmark data – were limited. Our approach? Begin with an awareness bent and test aggressively, focusing on content consumption. Each quarter, we optimized channels, creative, and messaging. Once we knew what was performing best, we pivoted to conversion.

We feel your pain points.

Small-business professionals are overwhelmed, pressed for time, and short on budget. Many of them don’t think they can handle – or afford –analytics. When introducing Qlik’s cloud platform, we stayed close to those pain points, dispelling myths and reassuring our audience that Qlik was for them.

Ambition comes in every size.

Nothing about running a business is small, and every business faces the constant challenge to improve operations, efficiency, and revenue. When we speak to small businesses, we never forget that we’re speaking to people who are smart, resourceful, ambitious, and curious.