Telling a big data story without the big data clichés.

Unraveling the elements of a truly memorable brand

In the data space today, it feels like everyone is using the same buzzwords, the same colors, and the same claims. (If we hear “data into insights” one more time…) It can be really hard to stand out – even if you’re offering something truly innovative.

Unravel really can solve data’s biggest challenges – our challenge was to build them a brand as revolutionary as their product, with a unique voice, a bold look, and a fresh new story: It’s not just about data; it’s about the business-critical applications that use that data – and how Unravel can help teams get more from those apps by helping them better understand and improve them.

  • Research & Competitive Audit
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Identity & Visual Expression
  • Tone of Voice & Messaging
  • Brand Standards
  • Website creative & development
  • Content Development
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un • ravel
ǝn’ravǝl / verb

1. to disengage or separate the threads of
e.g., WHM helped unravel our client from your typical big data brands.

2. to free from complication or difficulty; make plain or clear; solve:
e.g., We also unraveled a complex story to make sure everyone could see the benefits
Unravel’s Mission

Radically simplifying the way you understand and optimize the data-driven applications that power your business.

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Visual Expression

Unravel has a lot to say – about the challenges of their industry, about the need for a better solution, about their product. Our new visual approach introduced an editorial feel to help them tell that story – and stand out as both forward-thinking and trustworthy. Making the most of white space, the new look makes long-form content easier to digest – and appreciate.

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With the Unravel website, every page was designed to act as an interactive article, translating the brand’s editorial vibe to a digital format.

Launch Site

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At conferences, with customers, in our space — Unravel has never looked better, bolder, or like more of a standout

– Steven Wastie, Chief Marketing Officer, Unravel
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Show how you serve a real need, and you won’t have to rely on buzzwords.

Everyone’s going on about big data, but ultimately, who cares about the data itself? What matters is how it’s used and how it benefits your business. Why stop short with jargon when you have an opportunity to explain why what you do really matters?

To truly stand out, stay on the lookout.

There are lot of brands out there gunning for the same mindshare (and revenue) as you. Make it a point to regularly audit the website, boilerplate, and social presence of every company you’re competing against (whether they’re in your space of not). If you’re not saying something truly different, keep talking to customers and partners until you find that story.

A consistent brand doesn’t mean a lack of variety.

A brand is designed to unify visual and verbal expression under the same umbrella. But that doesn’t mean it’s inflexible. A diverse toolkit and clearly articulated guidelines should give teams the direction they need to ensure consistency — and the freedom they need to keep the brand fresh across channels and media.