Lead with data.


Qlik came to us asking for a more defined tone of voice. But they also mentioned “reintroducing themselves to the world,” so we thought it might be time for a bold move. After all, they’re a global leader in enterprise analytics, but their visuals were still rooted in their origins as a quirky upstart. And rather than focusing solely on their ground-breaking technology, we wanted to elevate their message to highlight what their technology can do. That meant connecting with the aspirations and emotions of the people who use their products.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity & Visual Expression
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Training
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Advertising Campaign Creative & Production

Qlik’s associative technology is different from everything else on the market. But when we interviewed their customers, nobody mentioned that technology. They spoke about discovery. And revelation. And competitive edge. What they loved about Qlik was what it made possible. That’s what we wanted to bring forward.


Double meaning: When you put data first, you can lead in your industry.

Data is a must-have.
No enterprise can lead without it.

Data is the key to success — and it’s at the core of everything Qlik does.


“Using Qlik is like going from a basic beige car to having a spaceship. You can go further, see more.”

The moment we heard a Qlik customer say that, we knew what we had to do: Make it manifest. Bring all the wonder and delight and awe in that statement into a new visual world. Take Qlik’s trademark uniqueness and level it up — with an evolved palette, ownable photography, unique illustration, and enterprise-grade authority.


We identified which existing content was aligned with Qlik’s campaign goals, where there were gaps, and what we could quickly refresh to get to market fast. Then we conceived, developed, and designed a number of new assets from start to finish.

A new brand expression, a new tone of voice, a global multimedia campaign, and the rebranding of major existing assets — all delivered in 3 months.

(Wait, did we just admit that?)


First up for the new brand: a global campaign. Our assignment? Inspire and educate the enterprise audience about all the powerful ways Qlik helps them reinvent the way they do business — and compete in the digital era.

Campaign Performance

Creative strategy. Testing strategy. Optimization strategy. From the moment we conceived the campaign, we kept our eye on granular-level KPIs to make sure that performance was always going up.

This is more than a huge
 step forward.

— SVP, Global Digital Marketing, Qlik


Build from the bottom up.

Qlik set out to refresh their tone of voice. But when we opened up the discussion, we saw a need for something deeper — a clearly defined strategy to guide not only their tone of voice but also their brand’s visual expression. We began by laying that foundation.

Hear the voice of the customer.

Today’s tech landscape is hyper-competitive, and businesses often fall back on the tried-and-true phrases. But customers know better. When they love a product, they speak from the heart about how it changes their lives. Make sure to listen.

Go for the feels.

B2B tech is a place where features often lead. But B2B buyers are people, and people want to be inspired. The moment Qlik laid eyes on their bold and beautiful new brand, they knew — they could feel — that it connected where it counts.