Your product is not
your brand.

We’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of branding projects, both for startups as well as for well-established companies looking for a more modern brand presence. But potential clients often have a hard time disentangling who their company is from what their product does. And on top of that – where the brand fits in.

One of the first things we say? Your product is not your brand. And your company isn’t your brand, either. Together, the brand, the company, and the product create your identity – but they are not one and the same. Here’s why.



While it can seem complicated, the idea is fairly simple. Brand = perception. Company = entity. Product = solution.

The brand is the overarching idea that evokes emotion in your consumers. Your company is associated with that emotion, and is the entity that creates the products your consumers actually buy to solve a certain problem.

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WHM Staff