Creating the right buzz around CloudBees.

Less software devilry. More software delivery.

CloudBees offers enterprise companies a smarter way to automate software development. But to gain traction with big businesses they needed to distinguish themselves from their competitors, all of whom were describing themselves the exact same way. (“Better software, faster.”)

We helped CloudBees develop their brand from square one, making it more approachable and more unique. We then took that brand work and blew it out – across collateral, events, the web, and more. Not only did the rebrand get the CloudBees team all fired up and back on the same page – it even won over the notoriously picky developer community.

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Go your own way

Jenkins is free, open-source software that revolutionized the way developers build, test, and launch software. So, spinning Jenkins off into an enterprise-grade product called CloudBees seemed like a no-brainer. But CloudBees had some serious roadblocks to overcome in separating themselves from such an established predecessor. The answer? Break the mold. Go bold.

All Buzz. No Blah.

Reaching new audiences with a bold, unexpected brand.

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One logo. Infinite connections.

The infinity symbol within the CloudBees wordmark conveys the linking together of disparate processes in an uninterrupted flow, and the continual iteration and improvement that is core to the company’s offerings. And a slight variation on the wordmark creates the C and B infinity mark, which can be used as a standalone icon or as a repeating pattern.

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“I LOVE it!! Seriously – probably the nicest brand and style guide I have ever seen!”

Heidi Gilmore, Senior Director, Marketing Communications at CloudBees

Purr curl up and sleep on the freshly laundered towels. Mark territory pelt around the house and up and down stairs chasing phantoms. Lay on arms while you’re using the keyboard.


Strategy matters.

For CloudBees, the distinction between the former open-source software program and the new software program for enterprises was paramount. On top of that, we needed to create a new tune to drown out competitors’ noise. Keeping our high-level strategists involved throughout the brand development was key to making sure the brand hit the mark.

New kid on the block? That’s a good thing.

While Jenkins was not a new company, CloudBees was. And being the challenger in a well-established space presents a great opportunity to take risks. With CloudBees, we pushed the bounds of typical B2B brands – a little more irreverent, a little bolder – and the developer audience loved it.

Put it on the wall.

Yes, we work in tech, but we still believe in the power of printed work. By printing and posting up creative iterations and seeing them in a tangible form, we solidified the designs for the CloudBees logo and mark. Sometimes, there’s nothing like going back to the basics.