The Future of Health Starts Here.

Breaking ground with a groundbreaking biotech company

Orig3n is on a mission to completely transform the future of health. Their line of direct-to-consumer DNA tests and their revolutionary research into regenerative medicine could create a whole new world of opportunities – and hope. Introducing this sort of radical change isn’t easy, though – it takes patience, education, and heart. An early-stage startup, when we first started working with Orig3n, all they had was a name, a lab, and some big ideas – together, we helped brand and market their business to attract investors, build support for their research, and educate consumers on the possibilities of this incredible new future.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Identity Design
  • Website / E-Commerce
  • Product Packaging
  • Online Promotions
  • Retail Fixturing
  • Environmental Design
  • Event Activations
  • Video
  • Social
A Logo with a Story to Tell

The regenerative research Orig3n does is grounded in the science of stem cells – our logo was inspired by the way these stem cells divide, constantly renewing themselves even as they create brand-new cells. Depicting this division in action, the logo captures a moment in time that speaks not only to the work Orig3n does but to their unique commitment to growth and renewal.

Bye Bye Blah

To drive long-term, far-reaching change, you can’t just connect with people – you need to build lasting relationships.

Premium Packaging Without Breaking the Bank

From the get-go, Orig3n wanted their DNA tests to stand out in the market, and that included packaging that had a sleek, premium feel. But in the early days the company needed only small runs of each product line, which could add up to high production costs. The solution? We designed a single premium box that could be used for all of their tests, with custom sleeves designed for each individual product line. By printing sleeves digitally, Orig3n could add and update products as needed without significant expense.

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Making the Future Feel Approachable

The work Orig3n is doing is truly ahead of its time, but change can be scary for people. The last thing we wanted audiences to feel was that the business was too lofty or too head-in-the-clouds futuristic. In developing the foundation of the Orig3n brand, our goal – in both visual and verbal expression – was to create a distinct, knowledgeable, friendly personality that audiences would be eager to connect – and build trust – with over time. This includes a bright, unexpected color palette, eye-catching typography and photography, and a tone that is as warm as it is smart.

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A Website That Educates As Well As It Sells

For Orig3n, their website would serve as the primary focal point of their efforts to connect with consumers – a place where people could learn about DNA tests and their potential in informing better health, as well as a place to purchase these tests for their very own. As such, we designed orig3n.com to be a showpiece – educational, engaging, fully mobile responsive, and built with an e-commerce solution ideal for Orig3n’s needs. The site might be about DNA, but it really focuses on people – DNA testing is all about what makes us unique, so we made diversity a big part of the site’s look and feel: different styles, ages, body types, and personalities.

Over time, we also introduced a blog (integrated with Medium) to keep adding fresh content and increase the visibility of the business.

Launch Site

ORIG3N Devices Render | WHM Creative | Content Strategy
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Bringing the Orig3n Story to Life

To start sharing Orig3n’s story in an active, engaging way, we created a variety of videos in a variety of tones and styles. Some were designed to educate audiences about regenerative medicine and the value of DNA tests in creating better health. Others were designed to promote individual DNA tests across social, in broadcast, and on the Orig3n website.

Orig3n Website Mockup Copy, website design, design, marketing agency, Orig3n, client, work

“We’ve got big dreams for the future. The WHM team helps us show the world what those dreams look like, and gets people ready – and eager – to see us realize them.”

Robin Smith, CEO, Orig3n
Connecting with a Broader Community

One of Orig3n’s key steps in advancing the future of health is developing a broad, engaged community, and that means social. Over the years, we have created a variety of social campaigns and executions for the brand – everything from product launches, to educational initiatives, to sales promotions. Orig3n is a fun, human brand to begin with, but on social, we really have an opportunity to show off our playful side, with surprising imagery, interesting wordplay, and a sense of humor.

Social-Social Media Marketing-Facebook-WHM Creative-Marketing Agency-Orig3n
Standing Out in a Crowded Space

Over time, Orig3n has increasingly become a presence at tradeshows and other events. Of course, there’s a lot of competition for attendees’ eyes and attention at these events, so we knew we had to create something truly special to stand out from the crowd. We’ve worked to create booths for Orig3n that are bright, open, modern, and original – spaces that catch the eye and draw you in from afar.


During Orig3n’s early fundraising days, the Orig3n team noted that investors were very impressed by the company’s brand, packaging, materials, and presentations. This overall feeling of composed professionalism helped generate interest and secured funding for the company.

Orig3n has also credited the packaging, messaging, and overall brand in attracting Amazon.com, who selected Orig3n as one of their “sunrise industry” brands to focus on, support, and promote.

The Orig3n packaging was also a Rose Gold Winner in the Muse Creative Awards.


Purposeful leaders create purposeful brands.

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Purposeful leaders create purposeful brands.

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Purposeful leaders create purposeful brands.

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