Turning the diamond industry on its head.


Sparkle Cut came to WHM with a tall order. To create and launch a premium direct-to-consumer diamond brand in no time – and on a shoestring budget.

Fact is, most soon-to-be-married individuals don’t know what they’re paying for when they buy a diamond, and many wind up getting sold and up-sold on qualities that don’t really matter. So the founders of Sparkle Cut set out to disrupt industry norms and lead with what really matters in a diamond – how sparkly it is.

We worked with Sparkle Cut from day one, developing their brand positioning and designing their logo and visual expression, packaging, website, and online store. Then we launched a series of digital ads and online videos, anchored by a boldly irreverent voice hell bent on distinguishing itself from the oversentimental competition.

  • Discovery
  • Brand Positioning
  • Website / Custom eCommerce
  • Packaging
  • Campaign Development
  • Launch Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Management
  • Media Strategy
  • Insights & Analytics
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We built a comprehensive brand platform that ditched the decades-old marketing myths of the diamond industry – and doubled down on sparkle.


To balance the irreverent tone of the Sparkle Cut brand, we needed the brand’s visual expression to feel refined, elevated and warm, without feeling out of reach (we’re looking at you, Tiffany). Bring on the gradients and pattern-play!

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They didn’t just get us. They got us 
to get us.

— Jo Lawson, CEO, Sparkle Cut Diamonds
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